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Midland business receives $4 million in funding, says area is ideal for startups

Via ABC 12 -

MIDLAND, Mich. - A Midland startup tech company specializing in water filtration just received four million dollars in seed funding.

The company says it will allow it to double the production space at its manufacturing facility and ramp up business on a global level.

The latest product from accelerated filtration enables industries to be better water stewards and we also learned today why mid-Michigan is a great startup environment.

"The ability to work in an industry that is critical to us globally - we all need clean water and we're leveraging from this strong base of Michigan to reach the world with technologies that can enable communities to have more clean water," President and CEO of Accelerated Filtration Scott Burr said.

The company introduced its new VelRay-X system and Midland business leaders say the company is indicative of the city's forward-thinking nature and the hundreds of new companies over the past five years who have made Midland their home.

"We've got a wealth of scientific talent and I think this goes hand in hand with that," President and CEO of Midland Business Alliance Tony Stamas said.

And no need to uproot to Silicon Valley to start your business.

"Midland is the city of modern explorers and we look back a century ago when that was true and it's still true today, we see it in different ways," Stamas said.

Leaders say Mid-Michigan has the resources you need.

"Working together I think there's a quality of life that people want to be here and if we can make sure they have the tools and frankly the connectivity, they can work around the globe from right here in Midland," Stamas said.

Accelerated Filtration is just one of many local innovative companies making their impact locally, nationally and globally.

"Having people living here, purchasing homes here, families in our schools, our restaurants, really helps the whole community and it helps the Great Lakes Bay Region," Stamas said.

And Accelerated Filtration plans to keep their roots here.

"We're here to stay as long as we're building this company," Burr said.


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