Nurturing Ideas

Turning innovative technology from an idea to a product or service with commercial value takes some nurturing.


We give your company all the support you need so you can focus on what you do best. We have structured our offerings in a program format; however, if you are in need of business consulting, market research, or facilitated connections CMURC can provide a specific scope of work that will assist you in achieving your goals.

Accelerators mine technology from universities and private enterprise, assist companies and entrepreneurs in building business structures around the technology, conduct product development and help companies secure necessary start up financing.

Right Choice



The Right Choice program is a virtual roadmap geared at engaging entrepreneurs and service providers. It is designed to prepare a company with the pieces necessary to take their business from idea to sales, while learning and connecting with involved professionals. 

The Accelerator program guides entrepreneurs through their path to commercialization by helping companies secure necessary start up financing. Entrepreneurs are admitted into this program through an application process. 

The Exchange is a crowdfunding platform created by CMURC to allow entrepreneurs to market their idea and raise the capital needed to reach their goals. Funds can be utilized to participate in CMURC's programs, gain access to connectivity portal or join the coworking community. 

Support Our Programs

Support innovation, research and entrepreneurs growing in your backyard.


CMURC is 501(c)(3) organization with diverse coworking and accelerator programs. It promotes resource collaboration between universities, industry, research, organizations, government and other community institutions to grow technology-based businesses and jobs. 

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