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Nurturing Ideas

Ready to take your idea or product to the next level?


Our programs were created to give entrepreneurs and professionals a clear path to engage and collaborate. The ecosystem helps you to make sense of your idea, coach you through your plan, and position you for success on your journey to profitability. Through our MEDC SmartZone designation, you may be eligible for additional state resources.

Right Choice



For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

  • Online learning access

  • 3-phase step by step approach

  • Templates of business summary + pitch deck

  • Refine your strategy for growth opportunities

For Innovative Products / Defensible IP

  • One-on-one coaching

  • 5-page business summary review

  • Investor pitch prep

  • Connections to applicable funding opportunities

For Providers with Services

  • Access to all members via Community Member Portal

  • Preferred vendors

  • Business connections

  • Mentorship + resource opportunities

Support Our Programs

Support innovation, research and entrepreneurs growing in your backyard.


CMURC is 501(c)(3) organization with diverse coworking and accelerator programs. It promotes resource collaboration between universities, industry, research, organizations, government and other community institutions to grow technology-based businesses and jobs. 

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