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CMURC Unveils Exciting Expansion: Introducing New Flex Space and Meeting Room Offering

Central Michigan University Research Corporation (CMURC) is thrilled to announce an expansion of its coworking spaces, bringing innovative solutions to the dynamic needs of entrepreneurs, professionals, and corporations in the region. The new flex space and meeting room offerings are designed to foster collaboration, creativity, and productivity, further solidifying CMURC's position as a leading hub for business.

With an increasing demand for flexible work environments, CMURC recognized the importance of providing versatile spaces that cater to the diverse requirements of its community members. The introduction of new flex space options offers individuals and teams the freedom to adapt their workstations according to their needs, accommodating different project sizes, team

dynamics, and work preferences.

In addition to flex space offerings, CMURC has introduced state-of-the-art meeting room passes equipped with advanced technology and amenities. These meeting spaces are purposefully designed to facilitate effective collaboration, brainstorming sessions, client meetings, and presentations. With an emphasis on functionality and comfort, CMURC's meeting rooms provide an inspiring environment for productive discussions and idea generation.

“At CMURC, we understand that workspaces should evolve to meet the changing needs of today's professionals,” said President + CEO of CMURC Erin Strang. “The expansion of our coworking spaces with new flex space and meeting room options reflects our commitment to providing an environment that nurtures creativity, collaboration, and growth.”

The range of passes aim to suit professionals varying needs: Day Passes for flexible workspaces, Office Passes for dedicated private offices, Meeting Room Passes for professional conference rooms, and VIP Room Access for exclusive larger private collaboration spaces. Thanks to the support of the Mt Pleasant Area Community Foundation and Saginaw Area Community Foundation, technology is in place for community members to gain a unique code to access the coworking spaces 24/7.

"We launched in the crazy times of COVID-19. During that time, it was like trying to catch lightning in a bottle, but we made it! Just as we were about to set up shop in a treehouse, we found CMURC,” said President of Vivace Marketing Kaylie Yap. “They offer flexible spaces and budgets that suit every business's needs. With their help, we have since conquered Mount Pleasant, Midland, Saginaw and have expanded into Green Bay, Wisconsin. We are excited to call CMURC our partner and looking forward to what the future holds!"

As entrepreneurial support organization, members can also benefit from the vibrant community and comprehensive support services provided by CMURC. Entrepreneurs will have access to accelerator programs, events, and resources essential for success. As CMURC continues to foster a culture of innovation, the expanded offerings will play a pivotal role in supporting the growth and development of businesses in the region.

To learn more about CMURC's new flex space and meeting room offerings, and to become a member, please visit


CMURC is a professional and diverse coworking space with accelerator programs focused on product and strategic development for entrepreneurs to positively impact the economy in the Great Lakes Bay Region. It brings together local, regional, and statewide partners to accelerate the success of entrepreneurs, professionals, and corporations growing businesses and jobs by leveraging the resources of Central Michigan University, the Mount Pleasant SmartZone District, and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, funded in part through a grant with the U.S. Small Business Administration. CMURC is committed to inclusive entrepreneurship with the ultimate goal of closing the opportunity gap because people from all backgrounds deserve access to business and entrepreneurial resources.

For more information visit, or to schedule interviews contact Kali Weiler at 989.289.6724 or kali



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