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MOUNT PLEASANT, Mich., May 4, 2021 — Central Michigan University Research Corporation (CMURC) is announcing the launch of their Inclusive Entrepreneurial Initiative. The goal is to raise funds to achieve a diverse and inclusive ecosystem for entrepreneurs to thrive and positively impact the economy in the Great Lakes Bay Region.

“We believe in leveling the playing field for all entrepreneurs with the ultimate goal of closing the opportunity gap,” said CMURC President + CEO Erin Strang. “When it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion, it’s a community effort, and it starts with reflecting on inclusivity in our very own organizations.”

To acknowledge and break down biases that inhibit cooperation and connection, the CMURC team is participating in the YWCA’s InterACT program. InterACT is a program designed to confront unconscious beliefs and behaviors to pave the way towards a more inclusive region.

CMURC has also begun developing programs to increase aptitudes in business and access to entrepreneurial resources. As part of the initiative and to have entrepreneurs excel no matter what their background, CMURC commits to the following: • Implement entrepreneurial programs with diverse members where participants are directly connected with mentors and networks • Create an inclusive culture within the CMURC Connectivity Portal for entrepreneurs, professionals, and corporations • Recruit entrepreneurs and build bridges between CMURC and CMU outreach to include collective talent from all walks of life

“This initiative from CMURC aligns with CMU’s strategic goal to foster an inclusive economic ecosystem in which hard-working individuals from all backgrounds can thrive,” said CMU President Bob Davies, chairperson of the CMURC Board of Directors. “It is important that we continue to weave diversity, equity and inclusion into every facet of life in our community.”

Those interested in learning more about the Inclusive Entrepreneurship Initiative can find more information at

About Central Michigan University Research Corporation CMURC is a professional and diverse coworking space with accelerator programs focused on product and strategic development for entrepreneurs to positively impact the economy in the Great Lakes Bay Region. It brings together local, regional and statewide partners to accelerate the success of entrepreneurs, professionals, and corporations growing businesses and jobs by leveraging the resources of Central Michigan University, the Mount Pleasant SmartZone District and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation. CMURC is committed to inclusive entrepreneurship with the ultimate goal of closing the opportunity gap because people from all backgrounds deserve access to business and entrepreneurial resources.


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