Self Love Beauty started five years ago to share my journey to self-love and empower women everywhere to have it too. My first ‘aha’ moment was two year into starting the blog when I saw the impact it was making not only on myself but women around me. Women were starting to relate, feel empowered and confident in their own journey. Over the past couple of years, I continue to be asked if we offer programs for adults and youth to help not only create a ripple effect but also meet current social needs. That is when I knew I needed to start implementing programs for all ages. My latest ‘aha’ moment was in 2017 when we started our Beautiful Me campaign bringing women of all ages together to promote self-love and confidence; it has been amazing watching women light up during these campaign shoots. Each time I am in awe at what this campaign has done and the need for more.

My idea is to become the ultimate avenue for programs to teach women and young girls’ self-defense, host empowerment programs for young girls and create workshops for women at different stages in their lives such as high school, college and the working world on confident, self-love and self-esteem. I will collaborate with businesses, schools and community centers on teaching the importance of self-love (self-care, respect and mental-health). The National Report on Self Esteem shares that 98% of girls feel there is an immense pressure from external sources to look a certain way. According to the Triple Bind, 1 in 4 girls today fall into a clinical diagnosis of depression, eating disorders, cutting, or other mental/emotional disorders. In addition, many more report being constantly anxious, sleep deprived, and under significant pressure. This is an unacceptable social norm. Self Love Beauty wants to change this narrative and will through this idea.

First off, Self Love Beauty is authentic in the way we conduct business and my contributing writers and myself shares our story. Behind Self Love Beauty are women of all ages, sizes, shapes and backgrounds. We share photos and stories of real women in everything we do. We utilize our current products to create the ripple effect of change. These programs are a social need currently and the impact it can have on the self-confidence of our current and future generations will be incredible. Imagine a world where women and girls have authentic role models. Role models that show us that it is ok to make an error, embrace our flaws and learn from our mistakes and journey in this life; that we do not have to be “perfect”. A world where “Like A Girl” is not a derogatory statement. Where a mother has the language, tools, and experiences to change the narrative of what her daughters see every day. Where a struggling 20 something has a place that she can go to for support and advice. The impact will ripple. Thompson created that ripple in Michigan back in 2012 and now reach over 14,000 people per month. We want to continue that ripple, but intensify it. Through these new programs, Self Love Beauty will be meeting the needs of their stakeholders and create a social impact.

These funds will go directly to investing in these products to deliver programs to help with current social needs. Funds will help with creation of programs, equipment, education and networking.

Lisa Thompson
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