Board of Directors

It is through the tireless efforts of our board of directors that CMURC is able to meet the needs of our thriving entrepreneurial community in our region. The forward thinking vision of our great volunteer board keeps the staff inspired to do better each day. On behalf of the staff, we would like to thank the board for their efforts and look forward to working together to make this region the destination for thriving business.

Central Michigan University
Central Michigan University
Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services
Central Michigan University
Vice President for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies
Nexteer Automotive Corporation
Executive Director, Global Manufacturing Engineering
Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services
Central Michigan University
Central Michigan University
Senior Vice Provost for Academic Reorganization Initiative
SCHECHTER Investments // Private Capital // Insurance
Mountain Town Brewing Co.
Glastender, Inc.
Vice President of Administration
Kimbell LLC
Executive Consultant
City of Mt. Pleasant
City Manager
Wardrop & Wardrop P.C.
President and Attorney, Wardrop & Wardrop P.C.