August 8, 2017

Substance abuse can cost employers significant time and money or lead to employee accidents, but regular drug testing is often a costly and inconvenient process for all involved. One mobile company is working with employers to make services available any time of day or night for random, pre-employment, reasonable suspicion and post-accident drug testing throughout Michigan.

Great Lakes Mobile Drug Testing began offering on-site testing with same-day, after hours or even weekend availability in Michigan in 2013. GLMDT services include DOT testing services, Rapid Drug Screens, which provide an instant negative result, EBT alcohol tests, hair and saliva tests, along with other options for employers.

“Because we’re right there on-site, employees are only off the floor an average of 10 minutes per person. That’s a significant cost savings versus each person driving out to a clinic for testing,” said Kristine Card, one of the founders of Great Lakes Mobile Drug Testing.

The demand for the company’s services and rapid success led to a partnership with Southwest Florida Onsite Drug Testing to form Compass Drug Screening last year. The team partners with clients to increase safety, productivity and profitability through Drug Free Workplace Program development and management. They provide employers with access to a nationwide network of testing sites, giving those with multiple locations an easy way to manage their programs.

“Business owners and HR managers have so much on their plates today that it’s tough to coordinate employee drug testing, much less develop a drug-free workplace program,” Card said. “Now, we do it all for you.”

Their clients span industries – from trucking and transit companies to manufacturing and service businesses.

“The technology they offer and having the flexibility to provide that service anytime, anywhere is an incredible service to businesses,” said Erin Strang, president + CEO of Central Michigan University Research Corporation.

For more information on Great Lakes Mobile Drug Testing and Compass Drug Screening, visit www.greatlakesonsite.com and www.compassdrugscreening.com.